1939 Gulliver’s Travels Movie


A full color ad from LIFE magazine of the Gulliver’s Travels Movie from Paramount Pictures.

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A full color ad from LIFE magazine of the Gulliver’s Travels Movie from Paramount Pictures.

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Full Ad text:

PARAMOUNT’S lyrical, laughable, lovable epic of Lilliput Land



A Full-Length Cartoon Motion Picture IN TECHNICOLOR!

Produced by Max Fleischer • Directed by Dave Fleischer

With the amazing adventure of Jonathan Swift’s famous character-the shipwrecked Gulliver in Lilliput Land as a theme, this grandest of all full length cartoon pictures, blends uproarious comedy, charming romance, and heart tingling tunes into the most wonderful two hours of entertainment the screen has ever known.

Prince David and Princess Glory are the gayest of lovers. King Little and King Bombo are the most amusing of monarchs. Gabby, the town crier, is the bravest coward who ever ran away to fight again another day. Sneak, Snoop, and Snitch, King Bombo’s three spies, are such frightful fellows they frighten themselves. Twinkle toes is a bird of a carrier pigeon.

And the whole population of Lilliput Land are as wonderful as the adventures into which they lead their giant friend, Gulliver … as wonderful as the Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger’s grandest hit songs, “Faithful Forever,” “Blue-birds in the Moonlight,””I Hear A Dream,” and a whole quintet more … as wonderful as this most wonderful of all screen delights.

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